Drag Racing Oil Mineral Or Synthetic Was The Best?

Drag Racing Oil Mineral Or Synthetic Was The Best?

The very best oil for drag racing your 5.0 Mustang or other higher overall performance vehicle, ought to be the 1 that protects your costly racing components. With out sufficient lubrication your pride and joy will quickly melt down into a smoldering pile of rubble. Prior to the debut of synthetic oils, most racing oils had been high-viscosity (thick) mineral primarily based oils.

Todays complete synthetic oils offer a lot much better protection, together with elevated overall performance because of much less drag/friction. They’ve the capability to sustain a lot greater temperatures than old college mineral primarily based oils. The very best synthetic oils do all this at a reduce viscosity, which increases engine horsepower and torque production.

Put on to engine components is considerably decreased with synthetic oils, permitting the race vehicle owner to save cash. Bearings final longer, extending the quantity of quarter mile passes you are able to run prior to they need replacement. Much less scuffing can also be noticeable around the cylinder walls of an engine operating synthetic oil.

Transmissions and rear-ends may also final a lot longer using the elevated lubrication supplied by synthetic fluids. Heat will be the quantity 1 enemy of an automatic transmission. Particularly on a race vehicle equipped having a trans brake. Holding your race vehicle around the beginning line at wide open throttle against the trans brake, causes a tremendous spike in transmission temperature. The a lot greater heat handling capability of synthetic transmission fluid prevents fluid breakdown. When the fluid breaks down from excessive heat, lubrication goes correct out the window.

Higher shock loads from complete throttle begins are extremely difficult on rear ends as well. Combine that with sticky racing slicks or drag radials and also you possess a recipe for disaster. Once more higher high quality synthetics would be the method to go right here for elevated life out of your high-dollar gearset.

By merely altering all of your vehicles fluids to a complete synthetic oil, you will enhance on-track overall performance and save sufficient cash more than the course from the racing season to effortlessly offset the greater initial price of them. Make the most of contemporary chemistry and purchase the very best oil for the drag racing machine these days.